All-Access: Who should be Alabama’s subsequent football radio analyst?

We schooled Thursday night that Phil Savage has stepped down after 9 years as researcher on Alabama’s football radio broadcasts.

We know that Crimson Tide fans — and football fans in ubiquitous — take that pursuit really seriously, so we were wondering who competence be a best claimant to reinstate Savage. Here are some ideas:

Jay Barker — Quarterbacks typically make good analysts, and Barker is a smart, assured speaker. One of a some-more renouned Alabama football players of his era, he also has radio knowledge after some-more than a decade as morning uncover horde with Birmingham’s WJOX-FM.

Mike Johnson — Johnson is intelligent and articulate, and has broadcasting knowledge doing video podcasts with a recently gone SEC Country. He also played for Nick Saban — he was a starting descent lineman on a 2009 inhabitant pretension group — and knows a module intimately. (Full disclosure: we totally stole this thought from my crony Jimmy Stein).

Barry Krauss — Krauss is some-more of a maestro than a others, carrying final played football scarcely 30 years ago. However, he’s a large name with a approach tie to a good epoch of Alabama football (the late 1970s) and also has knowledge broadcasting both college football and a NFL.

Greg McElroy — We know from his work on a SEC Network and ESPN that McElroy is intelligent and gallant to pronounce his mind. However, he’s no doubt well-paid in his stream pursuit and his outspokenness competence not fit a “homer” tinge of college football radio broadcasts.

Tyler Watts — Watts has in many ways been a “back-up” tone researcher for Alabama football for several years now, hosting a pre- and post-game shows and doing TV work on a aged pay-per-view games. Like many former quarterbacks he knows a game, and he also brings a clarity of amusement to a pursuit that few are means to wobble in successfully.

So what do we think? Should Savage’s deputy be one of these 5 names, or someone else entirely.

I’ll take your questions and comments on that and anything else on your mind commencement during 10 a.m.

Also, opinion in the check below:

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