Agent’s Take: How most Kirk Cousins can make in giveaway agency, probable suitors

The Redskins and quarterback Kirk Cousins were incompetent to strech an agreement on a long-term agreement before Monday’s 4 p.m. ET deadline for authorization players to pointer multi-year deals. Cousins, who was designated as a authorization actor for a second loyal year, will play a 2017 deteriorate for a entirely guaranteed $23,943,600. This volume is a Collective Bargaining Agreement mandated 20-percent boost over final year’s $19.953 million authorization tag.

An bid to strike a understanding with Cousins as a deadline approached wasn’t made. The Redskins reportedly had an inner feud about Cousins’ value. Redskins president Bruce Allen disclosed in a matter released right after a deadline that a Redskins extended  Cousins an offer on May 2 that contained $72 million in altogether guarantees, of that $53 million — a record for a QB — was entirely guaranteed during signing. The understanding would have finished Cousins a NFL’s second highest-paid actor by normal yearly salary.

NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport subsequently supposing some-more sum of a Redskins’ offer. It was reportedly a six-year offer for $133 million, that averages somewhat some-more than a three-year prolongation Joe Flacco sealed with a Ravens in 2016 for $22,133,333 per year. Allen’s characterization of a offer doesn’t simulate Raiders quarterback Derek Carr apropos a league’s highest-paid QB by normal income with a five-year, $125.025 million prolongation he perceived in June.

Here are some frequently asked questions relating to Cousins’ situation.

When can a Redskins pointer Cousins to a prolonged tenure deal?

The Redskins are taboo from signing Cousins to a multi-year agreement until a finish of a 2017 unchanging deteriorate on Dec 31. Cousins reportedly is open to creation a long-term joining to a Redskins after a season. Allen’s matter didn’t do a Redskins any favors in this courtesy given Cousins is being blamed for a inability to make a deal.

Can a Redskins still trade Cousins?

Cousins can be dealt to another group adult until a 2017 deteriorate trade deadline during 4 p.m. ET on Oct 31. A group contingency have adequate income tip room to catch Cousins’ stream income of roughly $24 million in sequence to make a trade before a commencement of a unchanging season. During a season, a group contingency have a tip room to take on a prorated volume of Cousins’ salary. For example, a group appropriation Cousins 4 weeks into a deteriorate contingency have $18,309,812 of tip room accessible for 13/17ths of his authorization tag.

The usually teams with a vivid need during quarterback and a tip room for Cousins’ full income are a 49ers, Browns and Jets. The many new applicable maestro quarterback trade information indicate is a Eagles receiving a 2017 first-round collect (14th overall) and a redeeming 2018 fourth-round collect from a Vikings for Sam Bradford after Teddy Bridgewater went down late final preseason with a hideous knee injury.

The breach on signing a long-term understanding until a deteriorate ends also relates to a new group with a trade. These constraints along with a timing make a trade rarely unlikely. Quite frankly, a best time to trade Cousins was before to a 2017 NFL Draft for breeze choices that could have helped a Redskins this season. Cousins also would have had copiousness of time to get acclimated to a new team. 

What’s Cousins’ standing after a season?

Cousins will turn an unlimited giveaway representative subsequent offseason supposing he isn’t given a transition tab for $28,732,320 or a third and final authorization tab value $34,478,784 between a designated duration regulating from Feb 20 to Mar 6, or a long-term understanding is worked out before a 2018 joining year starts on Mar 14. Redskins boss Bruce Allen recently indicated another authorization tab was a probability nonetheless it seems improbable given of a high cost.

A transition tab would usually yield a Redskins a right to compare an offer sheet. This nomination could have singular value given a quarterback-needy group with an contentment of tip room could pointer Cousins to an offer piece that a Redskins couldn’t or wouldn’t wish to match. For example, a Redskins competence pass on an offer piece regulating an lavish volume of 2018 tip room or is entirely guaranteed. The third authorization tab would forestall Cousins from soliciting an offer piece from other NFL teams.

The Redskins removing a understanding finished with Cousins before a finish of a nomination duration would be surprising. Cousins would have small inducement to pointer before a Redskins had to confirm either to let him turn a giveaway representative unless he is given an offer that sets new standards in many agreement metrics like  average yearly salary, altogether agreement guarantees, income entirely guaranteed during signing, etc.. The same would also request to contrast a open marketplace if a Redskins didn’t use a tab on him.

What form of agreement could Cousins pointer in 2018?

Cousins stability his settlement of fast signing is a many approaching march of movement with a third authorization tag. He would be in a position to make $78.375 million from 3 loyal authorization tags. The impassioned volume of agreement precedence Cousins has had this year would dark in comparison to subsequent year given he would turn an unlimited giveaway representative in 2019 absent a long-term deal.

Quickly signing doesn’t make many clarity with a transition tag. The nomination substantially wouldn’t be a halt to an offer piece given a Redskins would not be entitled to any remuneration by disappearing use of relating rights.

Cousins could be a litmus for quarterback salaries should he turn an unlimited giveaway agent. Quality quarterbacks roughly never strike a open market.

This is predicated on Cousins behaving like he has over a final dual seasons when he has been one of a NFL’s many prolific quarterbacks statistically. Cousins has finished 68.3 percent of his passes for 9,083 yards with 54 touchdowns and 23 interceptions to post a 99.3 passer rating. He has a NFL’s third-best execution percentage, is fourth in a NFL in flitting yards, sixth in passer rating and 12th in touchdown passes given a start of a 2015 season. Surprisingly, Cousins and Tom Brady are a usually dual quarterbacks to win actor of a month honors in any of a final dual seasons. 

It’s fathomable that Cousins could authority $30 million per year with $100 million in guarantees as an unlimited giveaway representative after another good deteriorate given there are some-more NFL teams than efficient quarterbacks. Some of a quarterback-needy teams will have an contentment of tip space subsequent offseason.

Which teams could be meddlesome in Cousins?

The 49ers are approaching to pursue Cousins subsequent offseason either he’s a giveaway representative or given a transition tag. There was copiousness of conjecture about a 49ers trade for Cousins progressing in a offseason given of his attribute with new conduct manager Kyle Shanahan. During Cousins’ initial dual NFL seasons, Shanahan was Washington’s descent coordinator. The 49ers should have over $100 million in income tip space in a offseason, presumption a 2018 income tip is set in a $180 million neighborhood.

Other teams that could be intensity suitors embody a Browns, Cardinals, Jaguars, Jets and Rams. The Browns waited until a second turn of this year’s breeze to residence their quarterback needs by holding Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer. Quarterback could turn a vital priority for a Browns if Kizer can’t kick out 2016 third-round collect Cody Kessler and Brock Osweiler, who was acquired from a Texans in March, and a Browns have another gloomy season. The Browns could have some-more than $80 million in tip room subsequent offseason. Moving to a AFC North would be an easy transition for Cousins given Browns conduct manager Hue Jackson runs a same descent intrigue as a Redskins.

Will Cousins reunite with Kyle Shanahan in 2018 in San Francisco?
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A maestro quarterback would make clarity for a Cardinals should 37-year-old Carson Palmer retire after a season. The 15-year maestro contemplated retirement after final season. The Cardinals would have some-more than $55 million subsequent year with Palmer’s $14 million 2018 income off a books.

The Jaguars have a intensity to be a playoff group supposing that Blake Bortles, a third altogether collect in a 2014 draft, has a bounce-back year. Bortles regressed badly in 2016. A delay of 2016 will approaching prompt a Jaguars to partial ways with him before his $19 million fifth-year choice becomes entirely guaranteed subsequent Mar 14 on a initial day of a 2018 joining year, that would put Jacksonville approximately $70 million underneath a cap.

The Jets are clearly in rebuilding mode after vouchsafing a series of prolific higher-priced veterans go during a offseason. This could put a Jets in position to take a quarterback during or nearby a tip of a 2018 NFL Draft. Cap room won’t be an emanate if a Jets go a maestro track instead. The Jets should have some-more than $90 million of tip space in 2018.

New Rams conduct manager Sean McVay, who was Cousins’ descent coordinator in Washington a final 3 seasons, doesn’t have a vested seductiveness in Jared Goff, a initial altogether collect in a 2016 draft, given he didn’t breeze him. Without poignant expansion by Goff this season, McVay could pull a Rams to demeanour in another instruction during quarterback. Shortly after being named Rams conduct coach, McVay pronounced in radio talk with a Washington, D.C. area hire that a championship could be won with Cousins. The Rams will approaching have in a area of $45 million in tip space if long-lived All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald signs a agreement prolongation creation him one of a NFL’s top paid non-quarterbacks in a entrance months.

What if Cousins regresses or gets hurt?

Cousins’ downside with a retrogression or common deteriorate is that he’ll still be means to get a understanding relating a final offer he deserted from Washington. That’s simply given a direct for peculiarity starting quarterbacks exceeds a supply. A down deteriorate won’t overrule Cousins’ dual good seasons of 2015 and 2016. This is quite loyal with a 49ers given of Cousins’ story with Shanahan.

Cousins will have some mitigating factors if he doesn’t perform like he did a final dual seasons. There are vital changes during far-reaching receiver with DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon vacating to a Buccaneers and 49ers around giveaway agency. Cousins isn’t going to have a same form of rapport with free-agent collect adult Terrelle Pryor and Josh Doctson, a Redskins’ 2016 first-round collect (No. 22), who usually played 31 descent snaps final deteriorate given of injury. Cousins also mislaid his play caller, McVay, to a Rams.

More cryptic than a down year for Cousins would be a career-threatening shoulder damage like a one Drew Brees suffered during a finish of a 2005 deteriorate while personification with a Chargers on a authorization tag. Ditto for concussion issues. Despite a inlet and timing of a injury, Brees sealed a six-year, $60 million agreement with a Saints as an unlimited giveaway representative in 2006. That was second-tier quarterback income during a time.

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