After video of Landon Spicer’s prohibited sharpened went viral, Shaquille O’Neal challenged him — and lost

UNION, Ky. — Don’t let his tiny status dope you. At 4-foot-2, New Haven Elementary fifth grader Landon Spicer can move a best diversion opposite anyone in basketball — even Shaquille O’Neal.

Recently, a

viral video

of a center propagandize 3-point shootout showed off Landon’s skills.

In a video, Landon, 10, of Union, stood tough opposite 8 eighth-graders in a shootout hold during a Flight School Academy Middle School Combine. One of Landon’s trainers during Griffin Elite in Erlanger had asked Landon if he’d like to contest opposite a center propagandize students.

“He only wanted to see how Landon would do,” pronounced Landon’s mom, Lisa Spicer.

Landon straightforwardly agreed.

Performing his best, as roughly always, Lisa Spicer said, her small child simply won a competition.

“It felt awesome,” Landon said.

That was a border of it, or so he and his family thought.

Landon Spicer of Union, Kentucky

Little did they know that clips from a competition, put together a few days after by House of Highlights, shortly would turn a amicable media sensation.

“We got a call revelation us about a video,” Lisa Spicer said. “We were surprised. It had 30,000 views. Then a subsequent day it reached some-more than a million views. We were like, ‘Whoa, wait a second.’ ”

House of Highlights done a second video featuring a brew of Landon’s moves on a court.

“And it snowballed from there,” she said.

Landon’s opening had a whole basketball village talking.

ESPN even tweeted

that Landon won a shootout “and did it in style.”

The pinnacle, however, was when Landon held a eye of NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook, his all-time favorite player. Westbrook gave props to Landon on

his Instagram account


“I was about to cry,” Landon said.

Once views on a initial video strike about 5 million, a Spicers started removing calls from opposite media outlets including “The Ellen Show,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and TNT.

Landon was invited to seem on TNT’s “EJ’s Neat-o Stat of a Night” segment. He supposed and his family gathering down to Atlanta for filming.

After a discuss with O’Neal and Charles Barkley about his victory, Landon again brought his best diversion in a

brief free-throw competition

opposite O’Neal, who clocks in during 7-foot-1.

“I knew I’d kick him,” Landon said.

“It came as no warn to us,” Lisa Spicer pronounced with a laugh. “After all, Shaq isn’t famous for his free-throw ability.”

In all seriousness, she said, it was an “amazing time.”

“Landon couldn’t trust how large Shaq is in person,” she said. “He pronounced his neck was spiteful from carrying to demeanour adult during him.”

Competing opposite and violence O’Neal and those 8 eighth-graders, as good as amicable media fame, has not altered Landon, his mom said.

“We did something right as relatives or he only doesn’t care,” she laughed. “He takes it all with a pellet of salt. He pronounced he still has to work tough to play well. Fame doesn’t assistance him get better. We’re really unapproachable of him.”

Landon has played basketball given he was 3. Lisa Spicer pronounced he took an impassioned fondness to a diversion during a really immature age and it all happened by chance.

“Landon was a crier,” she said. “Nothing kept him still as a baby. He had millions of toys. Nothing worked. One day we were during Walmart, he was crying, so we grabbed this small fondle basketball and put it in his hands. He stopped.”

Lisa Spicer pronounced that Landon carried a basketball everywhere, even when he crawled. By 18 months, he was dribbling. Every 4 to 5 months, during his toddler years, a Spicers had to buy a new Little Tikes basketball hoop. He would wear them out.

“He truly loves a game,” she said.

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