A heartless report stands between a Golden State Warriors and immortality

Stephen Curry and Draymond GreenDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

With usually 30 games to play, a Golden State Warriors are on gait to mangle one of a many storied group annals in North American sports: 72 wins, set by a Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls in 1995-96. But while a record is within reach, there is a outrageous red dwindle that will make it really difficult.

After 52 games, a Warriors are 48-4, a diversion forward of where a 1995-96 Chicago Bulls were during a same point. In sequence to strech 73 wins, a Warriors would have to go 25-5 down a stretch. That competence seem easy until one looks during what a Warriors will face down a stretch.

The final 16 games of a deteriorate includes 13 games opposite teams that will possibly be fighting for a playoff mark or potentially fighting for a improved playoff seed, including 3 games opposite a Spurs and dual any opposite a Mavericks and a Grizzlies. There are also 3 sets of games that will come on back-to-back nights, with one or both games entrance on a road.

Here are a final 4 weeks of a unchanging deteriorate for a Warriors, and a red dwindle for each:

  • Mar. 16 vs. New York Knicks — Knicks could still be scrapping for a playoff spot.
  • Mar. 18 during Dallas Mavericks — Mavs (currently 6th in a West) will be fighting to pierce adult in standings to equivocate first-round matchup opposite a Thunder (3rd).
  • Mar. 19 during San Antonio Spurs — The initial of 3 matchups opposite a Spurs in final 14 games is also a second diversion in dual days on a road.
  • Mar. 21 during Minnesota Timberwolves — no red flag.
  • Mar. 23 vs. Los Angeles Clippers — Clippers will be jockeying for optimal playoff positioning.
  • Mar. 25 vs. Dallas Mavericks — Mavs will still be in hunt to equivocate personification a Warriors, Spurs, or Thunder in a initial round.
  • Mar. 27 vs. Philadelphia 76ers — no red flag.
  • Mar. 29 vs Washington Wizards — The Wizards are in a hunt for one of a final playoff spots in a East.
  • Mar. 30 during Utah Jazz — The Jazz are battling for a playoff mark (currently tied for final spot) and this is another back-to-back diversion on a road.
  • Apr. 1 vs. Boston Celtics — The Celtics are now 3rd in a East though will be scrapping fow wins as there are usually 3.5 games separating a 3rd seed and a 8th seed.
  • Apr. 3 vs. Portland Trail Blazers — The Trail Blazers are now tied with a Jazz for a final playoff mark in a West and usually a half-game forward of a Rockets.
  • Apr. 5 vs. Minnesota Timberwolves — no red flag.
  • Apr. 7 vs. San Antonio Spurs — Both teams will expected be resting starters that creates this a crapshoot.
  • Apr. 9 during Memphis Grizzlies — The Grizz have a clever reason on a 5th seed in a West, though if things change there will be inducement to equivocate descending to a 6th seed and confronting a Thunder in a playoffs.
  • Apr. 10 during San Antonio Spurs — Again, both teams will expected be resting starters that creates this a crapshoot. It is also a third back-to-back on a highway during these games.
  • Apr. 13 vs Memphis Grizzlies — At best, this is another crapshoot. At worst, a Grizzlies will need a win for playoff seeding.

Nobody thinks a Warriors will remove all or even many of a games above with red flags. But it also would not be intolerable to see them remove 4-5 of these games. If that happens, a usually approach a Warriors are reaching 73 wins is if they win all 14 games to start a post-All-Star mangle schedule.

For their part, a Warriors acknowledge that violation a record is on their mind.

In a new mainstay by Marc Stein of ESPN, Klay Thompson was asked if a Warriors will aim for a record, responding, “Oh, we will.”

However, Draymond Green done it transparent that while violation a record would be cool, it is not something a group is spooky with.

“It’ll come adult any now and then,” Green told Stein. “But it’s some-more so, ‘Man, could we suppose if that happened?’ But it’s never like, ‘Hey, let’s concentration on removing 72.’ Our concentration is always to get improved any and any time we step on a floor. And we consider if we do that, we get to 72. But if we win 72 or 73 games or 74 and we don’t win a championship, nobody will ever caring about a 70-whatever wins in a unchanging season.”

Going on a prohibited widen is not improbable for a Warriors. But during some point, tired has to set in and resting players will turn a priority. In other words, violation a record won’t be as easy as it might seem right now.

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