A 1980 breeze collect of a San Antonio Spurs hasn’t given adult on his NBA dream

The NBA giveaway group duration has already featured a series of surprises, though a many extraordinary intensity signee of a summer is a 61-year-old grandfather once drafted by a San Antonio Spurs. (No, Tim Duncan’s not that old.)

Calvin Roberts, who has been practicing his burst shot and energetically available a call from an NBA team, was drafted by a Spurs in a fourth turn of a 1980 draft. (Duncan was usually 4 during a time.) While Roberts, who played his college round during Cal State Fullerton, never played a diversion in a NBA, a 6-foot-8 energy brazen also never let go of his NBA dream.

“This has always been a passion of mine,” Roberts told “Good Morning America” on Friday. “To be means to get into a NBA and suffer a knowledge being there, I’m excited, I’m unequivocally am looking brazen this year during pulling myself to a max, and we trust this year, this is my year.”

Roberts played several years overseas, though he’s dynamic to play in a NBA. The oldest actor in NBA story was Nat Hickey, who played dual days bashful of his 46th birthday in 1948.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” Roberts’ wife, Noemi Lucero, said.

“If God’s willing, I’ll get into a summer stay and uncover them I’ve still got talent there,” Roberts said. “The Spurs, we wish they take me to a mini stay and I’ll get a small improved there. Veteran stay is where they’re going to make we or mangle we and that’s my goals.”

Spurs General Manager R.C. Buford has a penetrating eye for talent, and Gregg Popovich would substantially acquire another grandfatherly figure on a San Antonio bench, though Roberts will have to uncover some-more than he did while bricking some-more shots than he done during a finish of his talk on “Good Morning America.”

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