8 Big Concerns Heading Into WWE No Mercy 2017

Taking place this Sunday night (24 September), No Mercy 2017 is WWE’s initial Raw-branded pay-per-view in over dual months.

Headlined by dual bouts with genuine WrestleMania categorical eventuality intensity in Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman and John Cena vs. Roman Reigns, a uncover carries a substantial volume of hype. For a many part, WWE have finished a good pursuit in building towards what has traditionally been a B-level PPV, and if it delivers on a full potential, No Mercy could finish as one of a year’s strongest shows.

That’s a large ‘if’, though. Unfortunately, WWE’s 2017 has been characterised by PPVs that have betrothed much, though delivered little. Derailed by a innumerable of oddity engagement decisions and lifeless matches, shows like Battleground and SummerSlam eventually left fans disappointed, and pronounced fans would be correct to rage their expectations accordingly.

WWE’s new form is only one of many reasons to be cautious. No Mercy’s label looks strong, though a closer hearing reveals a series of intensity problems. The show’s never going to be perfect, though even a handful of bad decisions would continue a thesis of temperate 2017 PPVs, withdrawal a fanbase unhappy once more.

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