7 Dream Singles compare for a Rock during WrestleMania (which never happened)

The matches that shall make we gasp!


This is what we call
This is what we call “Once in a lifetime” match.

The Rock is one of a many electrifying men, not usually in a sports party though also in a Hollywood. He has featured in some of a dream matches during WrestleMania.

However, there are a integrate of dream matches that never happened. Here are a opponents, who never had their one-on-one possibility opposite a “Great One” during WrestleMania.

#1 The Undertaker

This compare will be one of a biggest pull in a story of WrestleMania.

If a Rock is a many electrifying man, a Undertaker is a Holy-Grail, generally when it comes to WrestleMania. The standing of a Undertaker during a “Show of a Shows” is such that it is satisfactory to contend it is a bigger detriment during a hands of a Rock by not removing a event to face a “Deadman” during his favourite battleground.

We are still carefree to be treated to this compare during WrestleMania 35, where these dual cornerstones shall collide. This compare will be bigger than any championship compare and will be one of a biggest idol vs. idol match.

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