5 superstars who could plea Brock Lesnar for a WWE Universal championship

5 Raw superstars Lesnar could face after his argument with Roman Reigns


Braun St
Braun Strowman could be a successive in line to face Brock Lesnar for a Universal championship

Brock Lesnar defended his WWE Universal championship in a steel enclosure compare opposite Roman Reigns during a Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia. As Lesnar’s adversary with Reigns potentially reaches a climax, Lesnar will be looking for a new competition to face in a successive period.

Lesnar is rumored to be returning to a UFC notwithstanding resigning with a WWE in April, he may, therefore, dump a Universal championship before he does skip and there are a series of Superstars on Raw who could attain him as champion. When he does eventually dump a title, if he were to remove it in a pinfall defeat, it could rouse his competition to a most aloft level, such has been Lesnar’s prevalence in WWE.

Since a luminary shake-up, there have been a series of stars who have debuted on Raw and some who have done their lapse to WWE television. This opens adult a probability for a series of opponents Lesnar could face, some of themĀ for a short-term and others for a longer tenure feud.

Here are 5 stream Raw superstars Lesnar could face.

#5 Seth Rollins

Rollins and Lesnar faced for a WWE championship during Battleground 2015

As one of a tip faces on a Raw roster, Seth Rollins could be a successive series one contender for Brock Lesnar’s WWE Universal championship.

The Architect has been on a hurl lately, winning a Intercontinental Championship during WrestleMania and maintaining a pretension during a Greatest Royal Rumble in a 4-man ladder match.

Any intensity compare between Rollins and Lesnar would no doubt see Rollins as a loser and a face. The dual have formerly competed during Battleground 2015, however, a compare finished in a suspension after The Undertaker pounded a Beast.

The contrariety between Rollins athleticism and Lesnar’s energy would make an engaging dynamic. Rollins’ ability to opposite a Beast’s energy moves with his lively and change would supplement shade to any intensity compare that Lesnar’s bouts with Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe had lacked.

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