5 Stats Defining a Golden State Warriors’ Postseason

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    There’s always been an fundamental streakiness about Klay Thompson, though this feels some-more wintry than normal.

    The career 45.3 percent shooter already has 4 sub-40 performances on his playoff portfolio, including an malnutritioned 1-of-9, 0-of-4 from 3 disaster during Game 3. He managed fewer points (six) than Zaza Pachulia (seven) that night, that a almost-All-Star let a universe know on Instagram.

    “He’s usually got to stay with it,” Warriors behaving conduct manager Mike Brown pronounced of Thompson, per Connor Letourneau of the San Francisco Chronicle. “We have some things in mind that might assistance him out […] though he’s still a hazard on a floor, and he still opens a diversion for everybody else.”

    History says Thompson will have some human-torch moments forward of him, that should frighten all destiny opponents. As widespread as a Dubs have been, this isn’t their best.

    Andre Iguodala has misfired on 19 of his 22 three-point attempts and converted usually 41.1 percent from a field. Shaun Livingston has already missed 3 games and finished 3 others with dual points or fewer. Ian Clark has quieted down given opening a Big Dance with back-to-back double-digit outings. Even Curry hasn’t always been as crazy-good as he can be.

    There’s transparent upside in front of this team. Golden State’s biggest weapon—the Megadeth Lineup of Curry, Thompson, Iguodala, Durant and Green—has hardly been used, pity usually 29 minutes opposite 5 games.

    There isn’t a some-more absolute playoff force right now than a Warriors, though there will be if they ever strech their tip speed.

    Statistics accurate by Monday and pleasantness of NBA.com and Basketball Reference. Salary information performed around Basketball Insiders.

    Zach Buckley covers the NBA for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter: @ZachBuckleyNBA.

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