5 Prospects New York Knicks Should Target Following NBA Draft Lottery

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    It’s tough to pull a stone on where Malik Monk will go in a draft, yet Sports Illustrated‘s 76ers” target=”_blank”Jeremey Woo has him going to a Knicks. Monk has flaws and competence be a bit of a one-trick pony, yet when that pretence is removing buckets, it boosts we adult a breeze board.

    Woo argues: “It would be flattering tough for a Knicks to pass on Monk’s starry upside in this scenario. He’s one of a best pristine shooters in a breeze and presents a ton of possibilities notwithstanding measurables that leave a bit to be desired. If Melo’s headed out of town, New York will need someone else to measure a round and would be fit in branch to Monk in hopes that he evolves into a fatal one-two punch alongside Kristaps Porzingis. Monk won’t be prepared from day one, yet would make an electrifying fit in a Garden if all breaks correctly.”

    Monk averaged 19.8 points sharpened 49.7 percent from dual and 39.7 percent from low final year, so he really is a scorer.

    Monk could be a defensive liability, yet there is room for alleviation there, according to Mike Schmitz and Matt Kamalsky of DraftExpress.com:

    “Playing with loath power and improvable discipline, Monk is able of requesting round vigour and hold his possess for a many partial this season, yet creates some mistakes permitting slower players to get to spots opposite him off a bounce, isn’t really disruptive, and offers small value on a glass. His ability to get stronger and stay dialed in will be pivotal to his ability to ensure both ensure spots, as he seems improved matched to urge a indicate ensure mark given his earthy tools.”

    So a Knicks would possibly need to be assured in their ability to rise him on both ends or demeanour to a second wing as a three-and-D man who could span with him. 

    Fortunately for a Knicks, they have such a man in Lance Thomas, who is a terrific on-ball defender and shot 44.7 percent from low final year. If a Knicks have a right man using a team, Thomas could be a decent fit subsequent to Monk

    The other emanate here is that, as a shooter, Monk is some-more Klay Thompson than Stephen Curry in that he is during his best when someone else sets him up. He’s not a initial choice as a primary ball-handler. 

    If a Knicks trade Carmelo Anthony and don’t have a indicate guard, who is that going to be? Monk, Thomas and Porzingis can be superb during stretching a justice together, yet a Knicks would need a peaceful passer who can mangle down defenses off a dribble. 

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