5 NFL giveaway agents who could still land with a right team

Colin Kaepernick has been a giveaway representative for 3 months. NFL teams have supposing copiousness of reasons given a former San Francisco 49ers quarterback hasn’t been scooped adult yet, though it’s unequivocally not that tough to figure out.

With quarterbacks like Blaine Gabbert, Mark Sanchez, and EJ Manuel removing work, it’s transparent that Kaepernick’s tellurian rights protests during a personification of a inhabitant anthem in a 2016 deteriorate are a reason given teams are steering clear.

But Kaepernick isn’t alone. There are other obvious veterans still perplexing to find a job, and a reason they’re not on a group is flattering apparent: age.

“I know I’m removing adult in my years, that is fine, though we still have copiousness of years to play,” former Cleveland Browns parsimonious finish Gary Barnidge told SiriusXM Blitz on Monday. “As prolonged as we get a opportunity, we consider teams will have no problem with that. They’ll see that I’m still ready, given a initial 7 years of my career, we never got an event to start, so we didn’t have a wear and rip on my legs. we didn’t have any of that kind of stuff.”

Other players weren’t as propitious when it came to avoiding wear and tear. Robert Griffin III is only 27, though a quarterback has racked adult injuries in his brief NFL career. There’s reason to doubt if he can even come tighten to finishing a full 16-game season.

For a few of a veterans who have reached Jun though a team, there’s some good news. The marketplace isn’t totally sealed and there are still a integrate of judicious alighting spots for any of them.

Colin Kaepernick

New York Giants co-owner John Mara told MMQB that he listened from many fans who threatened to protest games if Giants players protested a approach Kaepernick did.

No matter where Kaepernick ends up, there will be an unavoidable recoil from a apportionment of that team’s fans who strongly against a quarterback’s preference to kneel. While Kaepernick has pronounced he won’t continue to kneel during a inhabitant anthem in 2017, he’s still though a group and that’s expected a reason why.

On a field, he’s a twin hazard who finished 2016 with 16 touchdowns and 4 interceptions — some-more than important numbers for a passer on a group with a unsure descent line and a misfortune far-reaching receiver corps in a NFL.

The Seattle Seahawks have emerged as a probable alighting mark for Kaepernick, who visited them final week. However, a odds of him fasten a group continues to dump with each day he stays unsigned given a visit. SiriusXM Radio’s Pat Kirwan, who is tighten to Seahawks manager Pete Carroll, pronounced this week that he doesn’t consider a understanding will get done:

Still, it’s a group that seems like a many expected to pointer Kaepernick before a summer ends.

Team prediction: Seahawks

Gary Barnidge

From a Pro Bowl in 2015 to a throw store after a 2017 NFL draft, it was a discerning 180 for Barnidge in Cleveland. After 1,043 yards and 9 touchdowns during his dermatitis season, Barnidge followed it with 612 yards and dual touchdowns in 2016.

He was still a clever writer to a team, though a Browns are looking to get younger and did so during a parsimonious finish position by drafting David Njoku in a initial round. That meant Barnidge was dropped before a finish of breeze weekend.

Barnidge’s hunt for a new group was behind given he opted to suffer some of his offseason and attend a Kentucky Derby. Before that, he visited a Buffalo Bills, and a Jacksonville Jaguars and Denver Broncos are other teams that have shown interest.

All 3 make sense, though a Broncos are a group with a slightest proven commodity during parsimonious end. There are now 8 parsimonious ends on Denver’s register — including fifth-round collect Jake Butt — though a expected starter is Virgil Green, a seventh-year maestro who set a career high with 237 yards in 2016.

Barnidge can yield many some-more than that.

Team prediction: Broncos

Ryan Clady

When Ryan Clady’s choice wasn’t picked adult by a New York Jets, he looked like a plug-in starter during descent tackle who wouldn’t stay on a marketplace long. He had a revisit with a Seahawks — a group in need of descent line assistance — though didn’t get scooped up.

Maybe that understanding will finally come for a four-time Pro Bowl descent tackle after OTAs uncover teams what they’re operative with. For now, it’s a small obscure given he’s still available.

Clady doesn’t come though concerns. He’s on a wrong side of 30, has missed 37 games in a final 4 years, and had a poignant drop-off in a peculiarity of his play in 2016.

But there’s always a need for descent linemen in a NFL, and Clady looks like one who can still contribute. He also would expected come inexpensive on a short-term deal.

Seattle didn’t pointer Clady in March, though it could still use abyss and assistance along a descent line even after adding Luke Joeckel and Ethan Pocic. Clady could yield that.

Team prediction: Seahawks

Robert Griffin III

Just 5 seasons ago, Robert Griffin III was named a NFL Offensive Rookie of a Year. In 2012, he put adult 3,200 flitting yards with 20 touchdowns and 815 rushing yards, with another 7 touchdowns on a ground. But that deteriorate finished with an ACL rip that was a pointer of things to come.

Griffin has nonetheless to play a 16-game deteriorate in his career, and his possibility during emancipation with a Cleveland Browns was busted with a shoulder damage in Week 1.

But during this indicate in his career, a group doesn’t need 16 games out of Griffin. He’s on a hunt for backup duty, and Griffin’s a high-quality choice for teams that have offenses tailored to his skills.

The Seahawks are among those teams, though a Carolina Panthers are another interesting option.

When Cam Newton was sidelined with a concussion for a game-and-a-half final year, Derek Anderson took over. The backup threw dual touchdowns and 5 interceptions in 2016 and brings a many opposite ability set than Newton.

Griffin could presumably do improved than that, if asked, and yield some-more smoothness for an offense that relies on Newton’s dual-threat abilities that are mislaid with Anderson underneath center.

Team prediction: Panthers

Mario Williams

The Miami Dolphins split ways with Mario Williams in February, and there hasn’t been any word of seductiveness for a four-time Pro Bowler since. That’s unsurprising deliberation he available only 1.5 sacks in 13 games in 2016.

It was a large pitch and skip for a Dolphins, who sealed a former Texans and Bills pass rusher to a two-year, $17 million understanding a year ago. Another group won’t make a same mistake investing in Williams.

But that doesn’t meant a group won’t take a navigator on one of a many widespread pass rushers of a final decade. Only DeMarcus Ware and Jared Allen have available some-more sacks than Williams in the final 10 years.

He might be done, though injuries might have contributed to his bad 2016 and there are copiousness of pass rushers who have continued to find prolongation into their 30s. If a group could obstacle Williams on a cheap, one-year deal, they might get a rotational pass rusher value a handful sacks.

The Oakland Raiders could be one of those teams. The invulnerability has few pass-rushing threats after Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin, and it could mount to accelerate a front 7 with a rotational rusher. Trent Cole and Elvis Dumervil are other options, though Williams has a strongest career résumé.

Team prediction: Raiders

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