5 early-season questions confronting a New York Knicks


Knicks ensure Allonzo Trier discusses his team’s double-overtime detriment to a Bulls.
Chris Iseman, Staff Writer, @chrisiseman

ATLANTA — With a record of 3-8, a Knicks’ initial 11 games of this deteriorate has enclosed some inconsistency, though also some things for them to be speedy by.

Here are 5 questions confronting a Knicks, who play Trae Young and a Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night, three weeks into a season:

How will David Fizdale get Damyean Dotson mins with Kevin Knox back?

After not personification a initial dual games, Dotson stepped in when Knox sprained his ankle, and has been stellar. He’s averaging 13.2 points, 6.0 rebounds and 1.1 assists while sharpened 45.3 percent from a margin and 34 percent from a perimeter. He’s also played plain defensively, display a ability to be a unchanging two-way player.

Knox played 5 mins Monday opposite a Bulls and was expected to be play longer Wednesday opposite a Hawks. 

While Knox will expected still be entrance off a dais for a time-being, he’s going to finish adult saying poignant minutes. Dotson has been solid, though when Knox was healthy progressing in a season, Dotson never got into a game. Of course, that was before Fizdale switched adult his lineups. 

How Fizdale juggles Knox and Dotson’s personification time stays to be seen.

What kind of descent actor is Frank Ntilikina?

This seems like a doubt that stays unclear. Part of a reason is given Ntilikina’s scoring has been inconsistent.

For a season, he’s averaging 7.5 points while sharpened 34.8 percent from a margin and 28.6 percent from a perimeter. Ntilikina is averaging 3.8 three-point attempts per game. 

After starting a initial 5 games during tiny forward, Ntilikina had dual double-figure performances when Fizdale switched him behind to indicate guard, scoring 17 points opposite a Warriors and 16 opposite a Nets.

In 4 games since, Ntilikina is averaging usually 4.3 points on 24.1 percent sharpened from a field. He’s 0-for-13 from three-point operation in his final 4 contests. 

Fizdale pronounced he believed a 5 games during tiny brazen helped Ntilikina’s aggressiveness given play creation wasn’t his categorical focus. Ntilikina did uncover some progress, though his scoring has dipped. 

Ntilikina has shown intensity to be a good descent player, though hasn’t finished it on a unchanging basement yet.

Can Mario Hezonja turn a unchanging player?

Hezonja’s initial games of a deteriorate were adult and down. He averaged 8.8 points and shot 36.7 percent from a margin (25 percent from a perimeter), though he had some severe performances enclosed in that widen on both ends of a floor. 

The brazen has looked improved a past three games, averaging 12 points, 5 rebounds and 1.7 assists while sharpened 44.1 percent, 33.3 percent from a arc.

The doubt is, can he perform that approach consistently?

At times, it looked like Hezonja was perplexing to do too most offensively and he was holding bad shots. 

Fizdale has pronounced he wants Hezonja to concentration on being plain each game. 

How will a Knicks solve Allonzo Trier’s agreement situation?

Trier has played good by a initial 11 games, averaging 11.5 points and sharpened 49.4 percent from a field. 

Fizdale has shown that he also trusts a rookie, withdrawal him in late in games and putting a round in his hands. It doesn’t always work out — such as in Monday’s double-overtime detriment to a Bulls — though Trier’s ability is clear. 

On a two-way contract, Trier can usually spend 45 days with a Knicks. That will get him to around mid-December.

At that point, a Knicks will have to make a register pierce to keep him. 

It stays to be seen how they would emanate that spot. 

Will Enes Kanter sojourn a reserve?

In a 6 games given Kanter mislaid his purpose in a starting 5 to Mitchell Robinson, Kanter is averaging 14 points and 12.5 rebounds per game. He had a beast opening off a dais Monday opposite a Bulls, racking adult 23 points and 24 rebounds. 

Kanter appears to be undone about not starting, though there’s no indication that it’s going to change anytime soon. 

Fizdale pronounced final week that a Knicks need to rise their immature players who are partial of a team’s future. That includes Robinson, who’s a most improved defensive actor than Kanter. 

How a Kanter conditions winds adult stays to be seen.

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