5 large questions forward of a Spurs-Warriors Western Conference finals

When Houston went tiny with Ryan Anderson during core in a second round, San Antonio went back-and-forth between dual equally successful looks: possibly relating small-ball with small-ball and personification David Lee, Pau Gasol or LaMarcus Aldridge during core alongside 4 shooters/defenders, or bullying a Rockets with a bigger, normal lineup.

Only one of those approachesĀ seems expected to work opposite a Warriors, and it’s not perplexing to kick them during their possess game. Conventional knowledge would prove we need to stay big, retaliate Golden State on a glass, and win a conflict in a paint.

Here’s a problem: San Antonio’s bigs aren’t normal centers. Draymond Green has no problem fortifying guys like Lee, Gasol, or Aldridge. The latter dual are most bigger than Green, though Gasol doesn’t have a strength to feat a mismatch, and Aldridge takes himself out of a play by constantly acid for a fadeaway jumper.

Instead, a pivotal for a Spurs competence be Jonathon Simmons. His invulnerability on James Harden was a large partial of San Antonio hidden a Game 6 win but Kawhi Leonard. Put Leonard and Simmons on a building together with 3 other 3-and-D players, and a Spurs competence perplex a Warriors with a small, defense-first lineup.

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