4 cold roller moves to watch for during a US Open of Surfing competition

The Vans U.S. Open of Surfing, that kicks off Saturday, Jul 29, draws some of a best surfers in a universe to Huntington Beach.  More than 200 surfers will contest in a men’s, women’s and youth groups with a winner’s rite on Aug. 6.

During a competition, judges will investigate a following vital elements when scoring waves: joining and grade of difficulty, innovative and on-going maneuvers, a multiple of vital maneuvers, accumulation of maneuvers, speed, energy and flow.

Here are 4 moves on that surfers will be judged as they compete.

1. Bottom turn

Bottom turnbottom-turn

A banking spin off a bottom of a wave, used to beget straight movement and speed.

2. Tube ride

Tube ridetube-ride

When a surfer disappears behind a screen of a violation wave. A purify entrance and exit, abyss and length of time in a tube are all measures of a grade of difficulty.

3. Re-entry


A tip spin where a supplement re-enters a call face after contacting a mouth or violation white water.

4. Aerial

Aerialaerial (2)

Major re-entry maneuvers that are projected past a mouth line with or but revolution in a air.

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