3 Olympic Hopefuls to Watch

Believe it or not, a Winter Olympics are usually a few months away. It might not feel like it in this post-Halloween, pre-Thanksgiving season, though a 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games are streamer to PyeongChang, South Korea, in scarcely 100 days, and athletes around a universe are scheming energetically for it.

While Olympic rosters won’t be finalized for many sports until closer to a games, some athletes are already being watched and spotlighted since of their jaunty bravery and rival lane record, and we spoke to 3 of them. Nathan Chen (pictured above) is a 2017 U.S. Men’s Figure Skating Champion, Kelly Clark is a four-time U.S. Olympic snowboarder and three-time U.S. Olympic medalist, and Mike Schultz is a U.S. National Paralympic Snowboard Champion, so unnecessary to say, they’re kind of a large deal.

These athletes don’t contest in a same sport, though they do have one vital thing in common: their faces are on cereal boxes. Each contestant has partnered with Kellogg’s, and they’ll be documenting their paths toward a Olympics with a brand’s #GetsMeStarted campaign. Below, they tells us all about their training, life as a rival athlete, and (what else?) a Olympics.

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