2018 Winter Olympics Venues Nearly Complete

South Korea still has a work cut out in preperation for a 2018 Winter Olympics, though there are no concerns about a tangible foe venues.

The 12 stadiums and arenas, hosting all from figure skating to ski jumping, are estimated during 97 percent complete.

Photos: 2018 Winter Olympics Venues in South Korea

Unlike a final winter games in Sochi Russia, where workers rushed to finish construction in a days before to a opening ceremony, or a Summer Olympics in Rio, where some of a work never got finished during all, organizers in Pyeongchang, South Korea done certain a venues were prepared good forward of time.

South Koreans also wish to make certain their venues don’t follow a same trail as other new horde cities and spin into empty eye sores once a Olympic Spotlight stops shining.

For instance, a Figure Skating locus will spin into a recreational trickery after a games.

The horde nation still has infrastructure work to be finished to seaside adult travel concerns.

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