2017 WWE Battleground predictions: Picks, matches, PPV preview, rumors

With usually one month until SummerSlam, WWE will be attempting to hang adult some first-quarter storylines and set a theatre for a company’s second-biggest eventuality of a year with Battleground on Sunday evening. The eventuality will start during 7 p.m. with a kickoff uncover and afterwards truly get into rigging live during 8 p.m. ET from Dallas. You can watch Battleground live on a WWE Network and by your internal wire or satellite provider.

Three of SmackDown Live’s 4 titles will be on a line with a No. 1 contendership also being motionless on Sunday. Along with those marquee matches are a integrate head-scracthers, that we will fact subsequent as we dump predictions for a whole card.

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WWE Battleground predictions

Tye Dillinger vs. Aiden English (Kickoff Show)

BC: There’s so small extract for this argument that creation a prophecy seems like a rubbish of time. Dillinger has a brighter destiny nonetheless his categorical register pull continues to be prohibited and cold. Pick: Tye Dillinger wins

AS: What Brian said. we was indeed going behind over some of SmackDown’s final few pay-per-views and satisfied this was also on a Backlash kickoff show. Talk about lacking imagination. Maybe there’s a warn here deliberation Dillinger has clearly usually won matches and English has usually mislaid them? Nah. Pick: Tye Dillinger wins

Sami Zayn vs. Mike Kanellis

AS: While Zayn has been a unchanging crook in WWE, he indeed won a Baron Corbin argument rather handily and has been requisitioned rather clever as of late. we don’t indispensably see an arriving storyline for possibly of these two, so a rubber compare on SmackDown this Tuesday would not warn me as WWE still finalizes a skeleton for SummerSlam. Pick: Sami Zayn wins

BC: This argument has been surprisingly clever to acquire Kanellis into a fold. Despite a cheesiness of his gimmick, Kanellis has carried himself good interjection to an addictive 80s energy ballad thesis song, innovative tights (complete with his wife’s silhouette) and a devoted hype work of WWE maestro Maria in his corner. Unfortunately for Zayn, losing has arrange of henceforth turn his thing. Pick: Mike Kanellis wins

Breezango’s assailant revealed

BC: Barring a call-up from NXT or astonishing swerve, when we start doing a math on a SmackDown register as to who a poser enemy competence be, a viable options are sincerely thin. Considering WWE has finished subsequent to zero with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper given bursting them from Bray Wyatt, they have to turn a present favorite.

AS: You know who has also been off TV? Dolph Ziggler. No one ever pronounced a enemy need to be a tab team. Ziggler being a exhibit would mystify things as there’s not a healthy tab group showdown there, though we usually can’t suppose an angle with Rowan and Harper being any good.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin

AS: This is an peculiar compare given WWE has put dual semi-newcomers in a center of respecitve pushes head-to-head. Everything screams suspension finish to me, though if it does go down clean, Nakamura has to take it. Corbin would have copiousness of time to miscarry and demeanour clever while still clutching a briefcase. Pick: Shinsuke Nakamura wins

BC: Recent teases seem to make it transparent that AJ Styles and a United States championship are directly in Nakamura’s future. In that case, he’ll need a clever feat as a springboard. And deliberation it’s Corbin who now binds a Money in a Bank briefcase, a purify detriment won’t do anything to harm his chances of eventually cashing in. Pick: Shinsuke Nakamura wins  

Women’s No. 1 Contendership — Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Lana vs. Tamina Snuka (Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match)

BC: The difference “tired” and “played out” come to mind fast on conference of another multi-women compare though a tangible SmackDown championship during stake. The blue brand’s engagement on a women’s side has been inhuman of late, and this is no different, so closely private from a span of women’s Money in a Bank matches. In a end, a leader needs to be Flair in sequence to make a title’s coming during SummerSlam truly meant something. Pick: Charlotte Flair wins

AS: He nailed it. The usually dual excusable options here are Flair and Lynch, and with Lynch picking adult a purify acquiescence feat over Flair on SmackDown, it would seem like a latter will win this one. Plus, Flair and Naomi seemed to work utterly good together during their brief feud, and that would be good for SummerSlam. Pick: Charlotte Flair wins

Tag Team Championship — The Usos (c) vs. The New Day

AS: Though a U.S. championship compare competence be a evening’s best, this competence yield a many entertainment. The Usos are doing a best work of their careers, while New Day has put together a good resurgence given relocating to SmackDown. With WWE watering down a once-strong tab group groups on both shows, we consider this positively has to be a pretension hitch during SummerSlam. And if that’s going to happen, there should be a pretension change. Pick: The New Day wins a titles

BC: Expect this one to contest for best compare of a evening. The argument has been illusory adult to this point, highlighted by an overachieving swat battle. While it wouldn’t be unfit to see The New Day go over here as a argument continues to build into August, it’s usually as expected that we see a non-finish in sequence to grasp a same goal. Pick: The Usos keep a titles

John Cena vs. Rusev (Flag Match)

BC: Wrong match, wrong time and wrong place. Not usually is this a rubbish of Rusev’s time deliberation this “feud” has all a makings to be a discerning one before Cena gets a pull toward bigger things during Summer Slam, a thought of a classical dwindle compare feels wholly superannuated in 2017. Cena’s lapse to SmackDown from another Hollywood plan has felt like zero some-more than a ratings grab. Pick: John Cena wins

AS: This storyline and a chapter in this compare are so awful. It’s hapless that Rusev was brought behind to pursuit to Cena as a Bulgarian when he could’ve come behind with a retooled gimmick and renewed focus. Pick: John Cena wins

United States Championship — AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Owens

AS: This should be a Battleground categorical event. Their final televised showdown (at Backlash) was terrific, and they are dual of a best workers in a company. While Owens done a good U.S. champion, we like Styles with a tag — generally if it sets adult a ancestral showdown opposite Nakamura during SummerSlam. WWE generally has a problem engagement singles wrestlers outward of a pretension picture, though Owens can do though a championship for a while and still sell a program. Pick: AJ Styles retains a title

BC: It’s implausible that a compare with this many star energy and intensity for four-plus star mass is now located so distant underneath a radar. The engagement and time spent in creation this a noted argument has simply not been adult to par. In fact, a coolest and many critical impulse of this argument didn’t even occur on radio when Styles prisoner a pretension during a residence show. Still, their initial compare during Backlash was on gait to be an present classical before a remarkable count out finish. Look for this one to be even better. Pick: AJ Styles retains a title

WWE Championship — Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Randy Orton (Punjabi Prison Match)

BC: Considering how small Orton needs another pretension power as things now mount historically, it’s tough to suppose Mahal not winning here. The gimmick of a Punjabi Prison should yank on a sentimental heart strings usually adequate to equivocate this being an undisguised sight wreck. Mahal has had some moments of note as champion though things are starting to feel stale. Seeing him extend past SummerSlam with a belt would be a vital surprise. Pick: Jinder Mahal retains a title

AS: First and foremost, there’s no approach Orton wins this match. With that out of a way, I’m all for singular gimmick matches, and we haven’t seen a Punjabi Prison in years. Expect to see some drifting RKOs with a Singh Brothers holding vital bumps as Mahal finds his approach out of a double-walled structure. The best thing WWE could do is put this somewhere else than a categorical event. By putting a pretension on Mahal, it is no longer a tip championship on a uncover and does not merit to be featured as such. Pick: Jinder Mahal retains a title

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