2017 US Open: Men’s Freestyle Bracket Reaction

Are we ready? Are we unequivocally ready? Because a 2017 U.S. Open is tomorrow, LIVE on Flo all day long. We’ll have FloZone for a whole day, that runs by a semifinals.

As a wrestling fan, it’s bold nearby unfit to demeanour during a joint and immediately start raised things out. For a brief term, early turn goodies, we’ve got we covered. For a buliding and onward, review on!


As expected, this is gonna be a fun one. Ramos got a tip seed, and he could see possibly Frank Perrelli or Jesse Delgado in a quarters. Delgado is by distant a many different apportion in this joint with usually 3 comparison turn matches underneath his belt. We should also get a Nico/Tomasello rematch, won by NaTo 4-3 in a initial turn of Olympic trials. Barring a Perrelli upset, we will have 4 NCAA champs in a tip side semis, amazing.

Bottom side, Nahshon gets a dual notwithstanding his detriment to Perrelli during a Schultz. He and 3 seed Alan Waters seem to be means to journey to a semis, as prolonged as Waters is healthy. The former Mizzou star harmed his leg opposite Nahshon in a Schultz, though if during full strength is a complicated favorite over 2010 universe teamer Obe Blanc in a quarters. Waters and Nahshon met twice in college, with Waters entrance out on tip both times.


Ness gets a tip seed, and will have an engaging quarterfinal opposite Andrew Hochstrasser. Ness will have a distance advantage and has been wrestling improved than a former 57kg Open finalist. Joe Colon vs Seth Gross is a fascinating quarterfinal, with a conflict of hip tips opposite a freakishly clever Colon. As a tip seed, Ness is a judicious favorite on paper to make it out of a tip side.

From a bottom half, Chris Dardanes will be looking for punish from a 15-3 violence Cody Brewer put on him in a 2015 NCAA semis. A Bedlam showdown looms in a buliding between Kendric Maple and Josh Kindig, that Maple took a infancy of their matches in college. How about an all Sooner almost between former OU inhabitant champs Brewer and Maple?

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This weight has a tip four, and afterwards everybody else. There should be small interlude a semifinal between tip seeded Frank Molinaro, a 2016 Olympian, and Jimmy Kennedy, approaching a best contestant in a bracket. Kennedy won a final time they wrestled, 4-2 during a 2015 universe group trials.

Jordan Oliver gets a 3 seed, and a usually intensity barrier on his approach to a semis is Kellen Russell. The 2013 Open finals went Russell’s way, though you’d be tough pulpy to collect Russell formed on a volume of formula given then. Meanwhile, Zain Retherford should get an engaging exam opposite Nick Dardanes in a quarters, that should definitively infer if we can snap down a retard of granite. JO kick Zain during a 2015 Schultz, that was over 24 months ago, though Oliver remembers really well.

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The tip half buliding sets adult for a renovation of one of college wrestling’s many noted new rivalries, Dylan Ness opposite tip seed James Green. We’ve never seen Ness combat freestyle during this weight, so who knows how dangerous he could be. A identical different apportion on a comparison turn is Jason Nolf, who to a approaching discomfit of many fans is on a same side as James Green. He would have to get by Tommy Gantt or Chase Pami to get there.

If this quarterfinal doesn’t get we excited, we hatred wrestling: a almighty bad pull Nazar Kulchytskyy opposite a healthy and always aggressive Hunter Stieber. Winner of that gets leader of Jason Welch, who we KNOW will be throwing junk (and we meant that in a good way) and Jason Chamberlain, who looks improved than he ever has adult during 70kg and training out during Fresno State. we will gladly take a front quarrel chair for that bottom half semi.


I pronounced this on one of a new Malicious Intents, we don’t like picking opposite Chris Perry. He’s never wrestled Jordan Burroughs, and we still consider Burroughs wins, though that one would during slightest make me persperate if we were a Nebraska/Burroughs/Sunkist fan.

Dake and Dieringer should be a bottom side semi, that really most went in Dake’s preference in Paris in January. Perry is a one man who could dissapoint a apple transport for a intensity Dake/Burroughs final, though no matter what, a American true should be feeling flattering good about a award prospects in Paris.


The tip half is flattering true forward. David Taylor in a finals, violence one of Vic Avery, Pat Downey or Pete Renda in a semis. On to a bottom half.

Gabe Dean has to get by Kyle Crutchmer to block off with Nick Heflin in a quarters. How about Timmy McCall and Bo Nickal to make a quarters? The leader gets Austin Trotman, who won both domestic events this year and has a infamous double leg. The Rich Perry vs Josh Asper entertain is one of informed former training partners that went Perry’s approach by a razor skinny domain in New York in November. Perry has a decidedly easier highway to a semis, that is accurately what we wish with one of those above hammers watchful for you, despite after a series of wars.


My initial suspicion about saying a tip half of this joint was, Ty Walz could make a finals. Which is not to contend he’s a shoo in to kick Micah Burak in a semis or even Kallen Kleinschmidt in a quarters, though it positively seems possible. Also always fun when your collect to win a weight is apparently holding a MCATs.

Burak on Burak crime can usually occur in a finals, as Nathan got a 3 seed and will face another really vast tellurian in Blaize Cabell in a quarters. Kyven Gadson’s gains in freestyle have paid off with a dual seed. Any of a tip 4 seeds are genuine threats to make a finals, and this will be a initial demeanour during Gadson opposite Nathan Burak, as Kyven has met adult with Micah several times.


The large 5 fell as expected. A Zach Rey vs Tony Nelson almost has been watchful for months, and went Rey’s by a 4-2 domain in Paris.

Gwiazdowski will have his hands full with Bobby Telford in a quarters, that is not accurately who we wish to see right before confronting Dom Bradley, who has had struggles against. Barring injuries, these will be your tip 5 in some order.

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