10 Surprises WWE Could Pull At Backlash 2018

WWE are wasting no time when it comes to pay-per-views. With only underneath a month upheld given WrestleMania 34, and a small week private from a Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia, they’re behind during it again with Backlash entrance to us this Sunday.

This year’s Backlash will be a initial co-branded B-show pay-per-view given Battleground 2016. It got mislaid in a trifle a bit, deliberation how most importance was being placed on on a Greatest Royal Rumble. There’s been some-more storyline build to a Backlash card, as against to a Rumble’s residence uncover feel.

WWE have built a robe of pulling out uncanny and smashing surprises. Whether or not they get leaked by news outlets is a opposite story. Backlash has a intensity to be an sparkling night for a company, depending on how good things go.

There are several things fans are anticipating to see occur in New Jersey. With WrestleMania and a Superstar Shakeup in a rear-view mirror, now is a time for WWE to start their subsequent section and give us a glance of what’s to come in a nearby future.

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