10 Reasons WWE Need To End The Brand Split (Again)

Who hates PPVs each two-to-three weeks? Pretty most all of us, and evidently, WWE does as well, as they announced during a start of a year a mercifully lighter PPV schedule. More time between shows exacerbates an existent problem of a month’s asleep code being stranded in limbo, so a association recently done another large decision: that from Backlash, all shows will turn dual-branded.

There are positively pros and cons to this development. For one thing: it should evidently save WWE a ton of income by not carrying to lease out an locus only for something insignificant like a Battleground or Payback. In addition, with there being a uncover each month like a good aged days, we won’t have to be subjected to stalled feuds or using in circles only to kill time before a subsequent RAW and SmackDown-exclusive show.

However, as many fans have forked out, a passing of brand-exclusive PPVs spelled a commencement of a finish of a strange code split, as a separate between a rosters grew softer and softer. That routine took around 4 years, and so we shall make a evidence that with this new development, WWE should only punch a bullet now and finish a code separate once again, saving us fans a outrageous headache.

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